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An one to many mapping method to unlock mobile screen with user defined images Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241350D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-18

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This innovation discloses a method to let end user to upload several groups of pictures to password images storage pool(PISP) and then select some groups of these pictures to be password. Once the password has been setup, any item of these groups that you uploaded will be randomly grouped and present on the lock screen. The end user must identify the member and sequence of the groups which you selected be password to unlock screen. Such user self-defined password type and random displaying not only can improve security, but also can ensure user experience.

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An one to many mapping method to unlock mobile screen with user defined images

With the popularity of mobile devices, more and more applications including personal & cooperate confidential information are introduced into mobile device, security has become one of the most important and vulnerable aspect.

With in the most used touch screen mobile phone, the lock screen comes the first doors protection of your mobile device. There are several ways to unlock the screen: Unlock by slide the screen, this is the most insecure way for your mobile device; Unlock by slide a graph, it more secure, but is somehow traceable;

So this article will introduce a complex but interest method to unlock screen.

This invention is to use user defined images and one to many mapping method unlock the mobile device. User could set up each group's images according to their own preferences. All the images in the same group have the same meaning. Only yourself know which images in the same group, even if others see your unlock password will not disclose your password because of the same combination appear with small probability.

Flow chart:


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The steps to implement this idea:

Step 1: Set up each group's images by users' preference or by default.

Step 2: Selece the group images in order as your password.


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Step 3: In each time, each group will display only one image randomly on the ran...