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Vehicle Brand Identification for VideoSurveillance Systems

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241354D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-20
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Vehicle brand recognition for video surveillance systems. By making a comparison of still images captured by a video camera at specific positions with images generated from a 3D car model we can precisely confirm that a given vehicle is of a given brand and model.

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Vehicle Brand Identification for VideoSurveillance Systems

Currently, video surveillance system can recognize a vehicle but are unable to identify the car manufacturer and even less the model. Our invention is based on vehicle 3D models provided by car manufacturers.

    Based on the video camera position and the road representation, 3D models for all vehicles are positioned in the space as they would be viewed by the video camera. A set of images is generated for each 3D model and linked to a specific video camera.

    A different camera given its position related to the road will generate another set of images of 3D vehicles models.

    A few positions (3 positions for example) taken on vehicle trajectory are used by zooming the 3d model.

    For each position, an image from the video camera is captured and a comparison process is executed against the 3D vehicle model image for the selected position.

    If there is a match then the vehicle manufacturer and model is identified otherwise the comparison process continues for the next image position and then the next car manufacturer is selected.