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Emergency Broadcast Feed Auto-Correct For Recorded Shows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241395D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-23
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Disclosed is a system that administers a service to recorded audio/visual content, which has been interrupted by an emergency broadcast, that overlays and auto-corrects the interrupted content. This enables the user to watch the recorded show without interruption.

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Emergency Broadcast Feed Auto -

When an emergency message broadcast interrupts a program being recorded by a digital video recording system ("DVR"), a user is unable to view the interrupted portion of the recorded program, because the interruption is recorded instead of the program.

The system disclosed herein enables the user to view any recorded segments that were interrupted by an emergency broadcast and view the show in its entirety.

The disclosed system administers a service to a recorded show interrupted by an emergency broadcast. The system overlays and auto-corrects the interrupted content. This enables the user to watch the recorded show without interruption.

The following provide details regarding the above described system for real time repair of DVR content:

1. A user is watching a live show with DVR playback

2. During the recorded show, an emergency broadcast feed occurs (e.g., Amber alert, weather alert, etc.) which triggers an offset signal

3. The offset signal is treated as a point of reference and then validated with the server

4. Once the emergency broadcast feed is completed, the offset signal is set or broken down into a starting and ending point in correlation to the emergency broadcast feed

5. The user has the option to play either the specified segment of the original content that was interrupted or the emergency broadcast feed

6. When the user selects the recorded show to play, the recording plays with the original content

7. When the offset for the specified segment in the video is about to be encountered, the DVR requests content to be downloaded for a downloaded uninterrupted segment for the span of the offsets stored in step 4

8. The DVR plays the downloaded version of the content instead of the original interrupted content for the duration of the feed

9. The main content download will be played once the downloaded version is done

The following provide details regarding finalizing DVR video content

1. A user sets the DVR to record a particular show

2. During the recorded show,...