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Mail-Delivery System Optimization

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241410D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-24
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Disclosed is an electronic mail system that uses individual mailing identification codes (IDs) to optimize the mail delivery process.

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Mail-Delivery System Optimization

The current process for managing and routing physical mail is largely manual and can result in delays to delivery. Each piece of mail must be read many times by various post office workers to route it to the destination address . In addition, if the recipient's address has changed, the mail may never be delivered or be lost.

A method is needed to improve mail delivery time and accuracy.

The novel contribution is an electronic system to optimize the process of mail delivery based on individual mailing identification codes (IDs).

A country assigns each person a unique mailing ID comprised of digits/letters, which is stored in an electronic postal system. The mail sender only needs to write the recipient's address on the box or envelope as follows:
Person's Name
Individuals or businesses can share personalized mailing labels/stickers with the ID (e.g., with a bar code) with people, saving others from having to hand-write or enter the address. In addition, the label is valid forever (even if an individual changes address). A global online address book may publish the unique mailing ID of all the citizens of a participating country . A person can add this ID to the outside of a physical mailbox, as well.

The system identifies and reads the mailing ID on envelopes/packages and automatically routes the mail to the right bucket, based on the latest available customer address. To change an address, the user logs into the online post...