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A system for finding server login history with QR codes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241412D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-24
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Leveraging QR codes for enhancing authentication data to provide more accurate data on users in login history reporting.

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A system for finding server login history with QR codes

Many times it is difficult to find the real person name that is behind the IP address which can be found on server/printer logins history. Our solution extends existing concepts

with a new characteristics. A common problem for development environments is that they are accessible to everyone and usually share the same user and password. Even

with reservation tools like RQM users tend to forget checking if machine is being already booked. Another user can login to already booked system and reinstall existing software thus creating additional frustration among the team when already development/test of another capability is being checked on that machine. Similar issue can be observed for shared printers, someone can by mistake send too many pages for printing and blocks printer for many hours. For big office we know the IP but we don't know the name of the person who started it or location. What we are proposing is a system of sending QR code metadata long with each login or action like printing to the server. Server contains a list (a file) of such QR codes (can be stored as hash) with username , location (GPS) that can be later checked by other users by reading QR code.



protocol) a representation of QR code in form of hash code is being sent along with username , password and IP
That detailed information is being saved in server or any application login history.

If any other user wants to get that data i...