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Hydraulic driven air conditioning system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241417D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-24
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A hydraulic driven air conditioning system comprising a stop-state system for cooling is disclosed. In particular, it is intended that the stop-state system comprises a cooling heat exchanger and a cold accumulator. The cold accumulator of the stop-state system is charged by an evaporation process in the region of the cold accumulator during the running-state of the motor vehicle. The cooling heat exchanger of the stop-state system and the cold accumulator of the stop-state system are arranged in a heat carrier circuit, through which a heat carrier is conveyed by a pump. The heat carrier medium can thus withdraw cold stored in the cold accumulator and transport the cool heat carrier medium to the cooling heat exchanger through power of an electrically driven pump. The stop-state system comprises its own condenser and its own compressor. The compressor is driven by an electric motor or an hydraulic driven motor.

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Hydraulic driven air conditioning system

The disclosure relates to a heating and/or air-conditioning system for a motor vehicle, in particular a utility vehicle, in order to heat and/or cool the inside of a motor vehicle during a running-state and a stop-state of the motor vehicle . The heating and air-conditioning system comprises a system for heating and cooling the inside of the vehicle during the running-state of the motor vehicle, a stop-state system which is used to cool the inside of the vehicle  when the motor vehicle is in the stop-state.

The disclosure further relates to a method for heating and air-conditioning a motor vehicle.

Furthermore, the disclosure relates to a motor vehicle having a heating and air-conditioning system.

In utility vehicles, off highway vehicles in particular, specific requirements are made on heating and cooling, that is generally speaking, air-conditioning the inside of the vehicle.

The inside of the vehicle has a  driver  seat, which is occupied during the running-state of the vehicle, and also during stop-state. In order to provide for the driver during rest, which he spends within the vehicle, with a comfortable climate, it is helpful to be able to cool the inside of the vehicle as need be, when the vehicle is in the stop-state.

For this purpose, state of the art concepts propose , to drive a common compressor of the air-conditioning system also when the vehicle is in the stop-state, in order to cool the vehicle. Disadvantages of this concept are high fuel consumption, wear and tear of the engine when the vehicle is in the stop-state, and additional emissions such as pollutants and noise due to the operation of the engine.

These disadvantages had been confronted in part by providing an additional self-sufficient stop-state air-conditioning system. The stop-state system operates with, for example, an electrically or mechanically drivable compressor which is supplied with power by an auxiliary motor or an auxiliary battery. Even if this concept lowers fuel consumption, it causes decreased engine wear and results in fewer emissions, it has th...