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Method and System to Deliver New Phone Number via Social Network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241423D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-25
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To resolve challenge of delivering new phone numbers to real friend, instead of strangers, this new approach provides Notification and Transmission phrases automatically.

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Method and System to Deliver New Phone Number via Social Network

People usually replace their old phone numbers with new ones. But how to deliver their new numbers to real friend is a problem. Because they wish the new number is delivered to all appropriate friends. And new number is not exposed to strangers. Also, it's better to realize automatically.

New approach contains two phrases: Notification and Transmission.


1) Initiator has a new phone number. He sends out a notification to his social network. The notification could spread from him to his friends, and then to friends' friends, and so on. The breadth and depth could be set to provide limitless spreading. The notification doesn't contain value of new number. Instead, it contains a fingerprint of old

number. Such as hash value of number. But not limited to

hash method.

2) Once a receiver gets notification from social network. It picks up fingerprint from notification. Retrieves from local contact list and tries to compare fingerprint with local stored phone numbers. If no match found, it means that the receiver doesn't store the old


receiving new phone number.

3) Once matched, the receiver then sends a replay to initiator. The replay contains two parameters: notification and Agreement code. They

Thus, he is not in scope of receiving new number; If match found, it means this receiver has the old


number, and he is in scope of


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are encrypted with old


                 number as password. The aim of encryption is that: receiver has to prove his qualification(He indeed knows the old number, so please send him new number). And also tells initiator to use Agreement code as encryption password for future communication.

4) When initiator gets the replay, he can decipher it and determine whether the receiver is qualified or not. If passing verification, initiator then prepares to send new number to receiver.


1) Initiator uses agreement code to encrypt new phone number a...