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Context-Aware Crime Scene Correlation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241448D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-29

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Rather than spending time in (or once released from) prison, many offenders are outfitted with electronic monitoring (EM) devices that indicate their current location and in some instances their current activity. These devices, usually attached to the ankle or other appendage, broadcast global positioning system (GPS) information as well as determine which offenders are in or near designated areas that are prohibited (designated as zones). This paper describes a method for identifying potential offender activity to a crime using the data collected by an electronic monitoring (EM) system. This activity is commonly referred to as crime scene correlation and typically returns all monitored offenders within a certain radius of the crime scene around the time that the crime occurred as potential suspects. The proposed method attempts to distinguish between offenders who were near the crime scene, but are unlikely to be potential suspects and those who are by adding a level of contextual awareness using additional information about monitored offenders such as their historical mobility patterns, criminal records, and their actions around the time of the crime.