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HUD integrated automobile direction indicating device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241456D
Publication Date: 2015-Apr-30

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This article describes a new invention which can help a automobile driver to turn to the right direction in many situations. This device use HUD (heads up display), radar, and automobile speed, etc, to provide the correct recommended direction the driver should turn to. This article also gives some example situations when the device is used.

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HUD integrated automobile direction indicating device


Problem Solved


When people are studying driving car, or as a new driver, they can't estimate the direction that wheels running exactly, or which direction to turn to in many situations

                              Therefore they maybe carry the steering wheel to wrong direction when they are driving the car on the road, and parking becomes a difficult thing.


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Known Solutions

Known Solutions/

Why Additional Solution is Required

This is an assistant device that integrated into HUD (Heads Up Display) of the automobile. The HUD screen displayed with two indicator arrow. One arrow means the current direction of wheels and another means the direction that wheels should go to. The direction data will be transferred from sensor installed into automobile's wheels. Drivers only play the steering wheel according to this indicator.

Once the wheel direction is right, these two arrows are coincidence


//Drawbacks Drawbacks

Now, in the market, no indicator for correct wheel direction to help new drivers to adjust running direction. There are some products such as parking radar used video to help drivers to observe the rear of the car and avoid the obstacles. However, for some new drivers, he/ she still don't know which direction and how many rounds of playing the steering wheels based on radar only, he/ she always try again and again to parking his/her car.

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Summary of Invention

Core Ideas

This invention proposes: new novel direction indicator integrated with HUD automobile based on the data provide by sensor in the automobile's wheels, radar, and speed.


It is a new device that help drivers to run automobile more safe and more easily.

Compared with other indicative products such as auto driving robot, it is easier to realize and much cheaper.


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How does it work


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A new indicator device is installed and displayed with HUD. There are two arrows are shown in picture1 with red color and green color. Red arrow means current direction of wheels, and green arrow means the right direction that automobile should go to.

The direction is judged based on the analysis of data transferred from sensors on the wheels. Once the sensor gets the angle data of wheels, it will send to the device and red arrow shows it. These data are updated real-time.

When driver is parking or is in the situation that wheel direction is wrong, the green arrow will highlighted, the drive should play the steering wheel based on direction that green arrow indicated. The distance between red arrow and green arrow is closer, the direction is more accurate. Once they are coinciding, the direction is met.

During the running of driving, along with the change of automobile's speed and wheel angle, green arrow will alway...