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Electronic Chalk system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241472D
Publication Date: 2015-May-04
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Electronic Chalk System which could capture the trajectory of the electronic chalk and project the the trajectory in the project screen. It has have a software system which could change the setting of the trajectory.

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Electronic Chalk system


When a person is doing a presentation, a document is projected to a screen, but he or she would find it is not convenience or impossible to do following

highlight something for the audiences in the screen, need go back to the computer for the highlight

Want to describe something complex by hand writing (no room left for the board because of the screen)

Save the handwritten to the computer

In the classroom lecture, teachers are still like using the chalks for the blackboard-writing, but
Chalks are dirty and not healthy

Could not save the handwritten for the student to review Pre-Art

E-Chalk Project (
Use the electronic board. System is complex and the cost is high

Need to re-construct the meeting room to install the electronic board

Only support handwriting, could not support projection and could not integrate with the common word processor

Core idea/Claims

Our idea - Electronic chalk base on the sensors and computer systems
Electronic chalk has two sensor

Photoelectric sensor to track the user handwriting

Distance sensor to locate the location of the chalk in the screen

Send the track and the location to the computer via Bluetooth or some other wireless connection methods

Application to capture the chalk action and reflect on the computer

Project the content of the computer to the screen

Share the content of the computer to the network in real time


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1. The most significant advantage is Use some cheap sensor to identify the location and track of the chalk and synchronously reflect in the computer. Project the track to the screen together with the original cont...