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Large-Scale Broadband Measurement Use Cases (RFC7536) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241481D
Original Publication Date: 2015-May-01
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This document describes two use cases for the Large-scale Measurement of Broadband Performance (LMAP). The use cases contained in this document are (1) the Internet Service Provider Use Case and (2) the Regulator Use Case. In the first, a network operator wants to understand the performance of the network and the quality experienced by customers, while in the second, a regulator wants to provide information on the performance of the ISPs in their jurisdiction. There are other use cases that are not the focus of the initial LMAP work (for example, end users would like to use measurements to help identify problems in their home network and to monitor the performance of their broadband provider); it is expected that the same mechanisms are applicable.

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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                        M. Linsner Request for Comments: 7536                                 Cisco Systems Category: Informational                                       P. Eardley ISSN: 2070-1721                                             T. Burbridge                                                                       BT                                                              F. Sorensen                                                                     Nkom                                                                 May 2015

               Large-Scale Broadband Measurement Use Cases


   Measuring broadband performance on a large scale is important for    network diagnostics by providers and users, as well as for public    policy.  Understanding the various scenarios and users of measuring    broadband performance is essential to development of the Large-scale    Measurement of Broadband Performance (LMAP) framework, information    model, and protocol.  This document details two use cases that can    assist in developing that framework.  The details of the measurement    metrics themselves are beyond the scope of this document.

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