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One Way Directional Grommet Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241489D
Publication Date: 2015-May-05
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One Way Directional Grommet

Directional grommets are used extensively for wiring applications in dynamic environments such as wheel speed sensor wire/anti-lock brake applications in the vicinity of suspension systems. These grommets are typically manufactured from elastomer polymers.

The problem is that these grommets are directional and are frequently installed upside down by the manufacturing assembly operators resulting in costly rework or high warranty claims.

The solution to the stated problem of assembly operators installing these directional grommets upside down is to incorporate a poka-yoke feature so that the grommets can only be installed one way by the operator. The poka-yoke feature is a simple asymmetric male shape that is manufactured as a recessed feature into the body of the grommet. A similar shaped slot is then added to the mating structure to accept the corresponding grommet shape. Touch points prevent incorrect installation.

Item #1 - One Way Directional Grommet Item #6 - Correct Installation Section View

Item #2 - Wiring or Flexible Tubing Item #7 - Incorrect (Upside down) Installation View Item #3 - Similar Shaped Mating Feature Item #8 - Example of Traditional Non One Way Item #4 - Poka-Yoke Feature Round Grommet Design

Item #5 - Touch Points

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