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System and method for secured file transmission by fingerprint Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241492D
Publication Date: 2015-May-06

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A method that we can secure file transmission based on personal fingerprint identification between mobile clients even there is no public wireless network, meanwhile it's quite easy for end user to use.

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System and method for secured file transmission by fingerprint

Sharing files on mobile are more frequently used. People would like to have their pictures, audios and other files shared with his friend. Currently, people have concerns while sending a file to his friend because file transmission cost too much time and effort, as well as their network flow. They also have concerns about the security of transformation process when the files being sharing is sensitive.

File transmission in a close location is preferred by mobile user, since it will not use 2G/3G network, which is pending mostly on network speed.

Problem :

If Jim share a 1GB video file to his friend Tommy, there're several dependency:
1. While Jim is transmitting file to Tommy, the sharing process is not encrypted

2. Jim can not share files to another when using file transmission process

3. Jim and Tommy are required in the same Wi-Fi environment.

4. Jim and Tommy are using the same software, and opens the function to send/receive This mechanism provide a new method, to make the sharing file more secured and more easier. Mobile user is allowed to implement his file sharing intelligently. He is only required to touch on screen of his device, and select the file he would like to share, and system will help to build secured file transmission based on fingerprint.


1. Fingerprint with multiple random factors to ensure transmission secure

2 .QR code to protect fingerprint identification

3. One finger touch to share files



Our system

Fingerprint identification


Encrypted transmission process

Protected Wi-Fi password




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System Modules Introduction

Private Wi-Fi setup Module

File transfer Module

Modules Insight - Private Wi-Fi setup Module

1. Mobile in server mode creates private Wi-Fi network

a)User activates daemon to server mode on mobile A, e.g. simply touch the icon or switch it under "System" settings (Should have three mode: Server/Client/Off or three icon with different color e.g. Red/Green/Gray to stands for them)

b)User touches his finger on fingerprint identification devices, eg. Home button or even could be mobile screen

c)System detects and scans this fingerprint, then extracts eigenvalue from fingerprint

d)System uses tool like ssh-keygen with this eigenvalue and random factors to generate DSA key pair, private key and public key


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e)System fetches two fixed fields from public key, one will be used as SSID and the other will be used as password, e.g. the public key has 581 characters, we take the first8 characters as SSID, and last 8 characters as password

f)System creates the private Wi-Fi network with SSID and password, meanwhile running DHCP service, e.g. its own IP address is

g)Once created successfully and now it's able to select files on Mobile A for sharing

h)After select files then convert public key into QR code then shows it on the screen, now it 's ready for other mobile...