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Method and Apparatus of Workload Prediction for Efficient Resource Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241493D
Publication Date: 2015-May-06

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The PM (or HR) aided system, which predict the staff’s workload in the next period by the data of the current period, including the core modules: Conversation Level Rater Automatically collect the conversation (mail, conference in calendar system) in the staff’s work, smartly screen detect the attendee and content information, and rate the conversation by giving a level score. Job-Sensitive Workload Estimator Estimate the workload of a staff by tracking his work record. Different model are used to fit different job role of the staff. Workload Molder Train the workload prediction model by input attributes and output value. The input workload of the previous period includes both amount and variation.

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Method and Apparatus of Workload Prediction for Efficient Resource Management Method and Apparatus of Workload Prediction for Efficient Resource Management

For project management, it is essential for PM to estimate the workload of each team member. This requirement goes through the whole project.

There are 3 types of organization in project management. One of them is Matrix Management, in which people with similar skills are pooled for work assignments, resulting in more than one manager. Or people with the same functional manager can be assigned into different project, and have different project manage.


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Current Solution: PM do the work plan by his experience, coordinate when the resource conflict happensthrough the whole project life cycle.


- PM's experience determine everything

- The workload estimation is not transparent between different projects, especially in matrix organization.

Moreover, for HR evaluation system, it is useful to estimate the required workload of a staff, in order to evaluate his performance.

Main Idea

Key Finding:

- The work is leaded by all the Conversations(mail, meeting,…) in a staff's working time, especially in


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enterprise company. The conversation indicates the level of busy, the future workload, … But the

conversation data should be screened carefully to avoid noise. (group sending mail, all hands meeting,…)

- The workload of a staff is also affected by the workload of his...