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Built in Smart Device Mount with Automatic Temperature Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241503D
Publication Date: 2015-May-07
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Disclosed is a design for a built-in temperature sensor on the mounting pad in a vehicle for a mobile device. The sensor detects extreme temperatures that might be damaging to the device, and then automatically takes corrective action.

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Built in Smart Device Mount with Automatic Temperature Control

Users put mobile devices at risk of damage when the devices are attached , with a portable mount (i.e. mounting pad), to the front window of a vehicle or the heat/air conditioning vent. This is because each of these placements is subject to instances of extreme temperature caused by heat from the sun , cold from low ambient temperatures, heat from a vehicle's heating system, etc. Overheating of a mobile device can also cause by continuous usage of its applications or running of intensive

workloads. Extreme fluctuations in temperature can cause damage to the mobile device or dramatically degrade performance.

Existing technologies provide temperature warnings when the device exceeds certain temperature thresholds. When such temperature thresholds are met , a warning message may be presented to user that certain functionality of the device may stop

working such as charging. The screen display could be dimmed or be completely turned off regardless of any current usage of critical applications such as a Global Positioning System (GPS) application or any intensive workload application.

A system or method is needed to protect mobile devices from overheating while being used in a vehicle for critical applications (e.g. GPS) or when they are exposed to extreme temperatures.

The novel contribution is a built-in temperature sensor on the device mounting pad in a vehicle that detects the temperature of the connected smart phone . This pad can be added to the center front air vent next to the driver or any desirable location that is convenient to the driver. For example, in the case of using the...