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An intelligent system and method to control display mode Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241511D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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This article presents a method of displaying messages. During fast scroll, when user interested messages are met, the messages will be displayed in a manner of slow scroll so that user can have time to read it.

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An intelligent system and method to control display mode

We are living in a world full of massive information, and we are more and more used to get those information from modern device like computer, smartphone, smart Watch, etc. However, the amount of the information is so big and may in a random order, like social application in smart phone, we may not get interested in each message, in order to get the item we are interested, we may just glance at the message list and scroll fast if the message is not we are interested in. Sometimes, we scroll so fast that the screen is rolling in a speed that we may not see clearly, so we need a more effective control method to solve this contradiction


--A prediction for those user interested based on big data analysis, will provider the system the position of the item which user will possibly interest in.

--A speed adaptor to control the scroll speed of the window scope, which contains the information that user interested in.

The main idea for this patent is providing a effective method, which is an intelligent speed adapter based on big data analysis, to suite the users' wish to find the information in a more effective way


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Figure 1

Figure 1 is architecture of this solution. User interested items is generated by big data/history data analysis. And when scroll speed is fast to a certain speed, interested items will be displayed in a slow speed.


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Figure 2


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Figure 2 illustrate...