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Auto moderated conference calls and online meetings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241516D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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This atricle talks about extending the meeting auto-moderation capabilities in online meetings to include all the moderator tasks that can be automated, resulting in significant saving of time efforts and involvement ofthe meeting moderator. These include all tasks that can be performed at the beginning of the meeting, when the meeting is in session and at the end of a virtual meeting session.

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Auto moderated conference calls and online meetings

With globally distributed teams, conference calls and online meetings are most common means of communication and collaboration between teams. In the current scenario, the moderator of the conference call is responsible for all primary call moderation functions and has to spend the initial few minutes in the conference on activities like starting the call, keeping a count of participants who've joined, reminding invitees who don't show up on time, tell the attendees that they're waiting for the rest of the folks to join, locking the call when expected number of participants join, etc. The moderator could, at times, be late in starting the call, resulting in wait time or confusion for other invitees.

A proposal to have the initial moderation of the conference call or an online meeting and certain functions thereafter be automated, thereby letting the actual meeting moderator be productive with his real-world tasks, rather than mundane house-keeping.

To enable conference calls and online meeting to support auto-moderation capabilities where:

The audio/video conference session or the online meeting room has information about the meeting that is taking place
It knows who the invitees for the meeting are
It knows what the expected number of participants is
It supports settings for automatic moderation

A need to have a system and a method that provides auto-moderation capabilities to online meetings and conference calls; where auto moderation includes but is not limited to the following actions:

At the time of meeting/conference start-up:

Start the call or online meeting exactly at the scheduled time

Start the meeting audio/video conference
Start sharing the designated content in the sharing area
Depending upon the expected the number of participants, identify the best video layout for the video conference
automatically dial out to the specified external conference bridge
automatically enter required passwords and pass codes
Keep track of which invitees have joined.

If the meeting was marked confidential, then it will notify the owner if someone not on the invitee list happens to join the conference
Send reminders (chat messages, emails, etc) to invitees who have not yet shown up
Will play pre-recorded messages at reg...