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Instant Messaging – Special Notifications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241521D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08

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In the current world, most of the business conversations have moved from conference calls to instant messaging or multi-person chats. There is a lot of information shared in those chats which might be lost. Since people are usually multitasking and conversing with various groups of people in multiple chats, this may result in missing important information directed at a person or a group of people on time. For effective business results, right information has to reach right person at right time, particularly in scenarios where people discussing with different group of people parallelly though chats, so they can respond as needed. In instant messaging services, we have a feature to enable notifications for new message arrivals in the chat window. This notification can be in any form including a blink of the chat window in a particular color or a sound notification or both to notify the user about new message arrivals in the user's chat window. In the case of group chat (single chat window opened among group of people to converse), everyone added into that chat need to monitor all the chat entries to respond timely for the messages addressed to them. This will affect our focus on other tasks we do parallelly. In any business related, major incident group chats timely reply of messages are important. Failing to address the messages on time might lead to delay in issue resolution and thus might result in business impact. Presently there is no system that lets users customize the type of notification they receive so they can be more productive. The article describes a feature to setup customized notifications for the messages addressed to individuals or a team in a group or multi-person chat.

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Instant Messaging - Special Notifications

Here idea is to implement 'special notification' feature in instant messaging application, to customize the notifications for messages under different categories. Other messages posted in group chat that are of common interest will come under normal notification.

We are defining four simple rules to customize the group chat notifications, and an interval preference setting
1. Addressing an individual (target rule)

2. Addressing a Team (target rule)

3. Message from a special person (Source rule)

4. Keyword notification (target rule)

5. Notification interval( Preference set by an user)

These four rules can be categorized as target rule and source rule.

Target rule - Rule is set based on the target message content getting published in the group chat. Instant messaging application should evaluate each message entered into the chat window and take action (notify interested people) based on the target preference that were set up.

Source rule - Rule is set based on the source of the message. Here, source of the message is participants in the group chat. Instant messaging application should evaluate who entered the message in the chat window and notify the interested people accordingly.

1. Addressing an Individual:
When logging in to a group chat, users should add a name preference for them which will be visible to everyone in the group chat. These names will be used later to address that user in group chat using the format @username. For example, If the user entered his preferred name as John, he should be address as @John or @john in chat. Whenever John is addressed as @John, he will get a special notification which is different from the normal notification he get for other messages in that group chat.

The different in notification might be difference in the sound alert or color in which the chat window blinksfor new message arrivals.

Here when the user types @J, the tool can type ahead as @John based on the name of participants in that group chat.

It is a target rule. Messaging client should validate each chat message and enables special notification to the corresponding user in the chat based on the (preferred) name entered along with the message.

2. Addressing a Team:

Rules to send special notification to a group of people. All users should select a group for them while

joining the group chat. The group can be formed based on their skill or department or other preferences.

The groups can be defined in below three ways,
1. Pre-defined groups in which the users are part of.a Pre-defined group name which can be taken from user's profile( which can be set up ahead of the chat)

2. Originator of the group chat can define a set of groups while initiating the group chat. Users can select a group from that list while joining the chat.

3. Users can define their own group while joining the chat. Others who join later should be able to view this new group as well in the group list and able to join...