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Method to facilitate email based approval / decision process without integration with external workflow system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241522D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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The article suggests a method to facilitate email based approval and/or decision process without integration with external workflow system.

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Method to facilitate email based approval / decision process without integration with external workflow system

Email is the most common and widely means of communication in today's world. User interaction with emails has increased to a extent that the expectation has reached to a level of "All in email". One of the expectations is to have a approval / decision system in place where the user would have just one document in form of an email sent to another user .

Today, the user has to cater with separate applications when s/he want to seek approval for certain artifacts. Existing solutions have various ways of dealing with approval requests. One of the common once is, a request is raised, the request is stored in a a system and a mail requesting for approval is sent to the approving authority. The Approving authority has to switch to the workflow application where the request is stored and then approve the related request. Most of the workflow applications/tools make use of emails for notification purpose. Some of them use Workflow/applications which have predefined forms with some purpose. Such applications set a static approval process dealing with too many applications/tools. For huge organizations it becomes difficult to manage too many workflow applications.

This article proposes a solution as a system which will facilitate the user, to use an existing email form which would have a capability to convert itself per users discretion into a approval document / form. The form can have a capability to apply specific approval template the way today's approval system behave. Moreover, the existing email form elements would be retained which would give a similar user experience to the user.

Once the To list is filled and an email is sent, the process would be as follows:

1. First contact listed by the user would be termed as the FIRST APPROVER and the to list would retain the sequence.

2. After first approval, notifications / intimation would cascade further as per the approvers listed in the TO field.

3. On last approval the user seeking the approval would have the entire approval flow with comments / suggestion embedded in a single threaded conversation.


Eliminates need of any separate tool / application which needs to be integrated with the email system.

Facilitate multipl...