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Methods to facilitate pre-intimation of a meeting being set before actually receiving the meeting invitation. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241523D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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Embodiments herein cater to a medium where there is an attempt to avoid any reschedules to a meeting invite which is being set. This invite is under creation mode. During this process, we promote a trigger to pre-intimate the invitees to decline the invite in case they cannot accept the meeting in spite of the calendar slot being empty for that duration.

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Methods to facilitate pre-intimation of a meeting being set before actually receiving the meeting invitation.

Today, many times there is a need to reschedule a meeting due to few reasons like:

1. If meeting is set with an individual or a couple of individuals, the individual declines even if users calendar has a free slot due to some reason, or user has another important meeting (which is not yet planned), or he/she is planning to be Out Of Office on in training where their calendar is not update etc.

2. If meeting is set with group of members and you want one or some of them to be attend compulsory or is important attendees and one of those decline or propose to reschedule.

Now what do you do? There is run to hunt for next common time slot which would fit you and the members whom you want to be the compulsory/important attendees. You will check for room, time and location. This at times require lot of time and may undergo numerous reschedules and thus waste of time remains unnoticed.

To avoid such situations, we propose to have a pre-intimation for the invitee with whom a meeting is being set.

For the chair, the proposal could be as follows: While Chair is scheduling a meeting,

1. Send an announcement like "Slide In Summary" (SIS) information to the invitee intimating about a meeting being set. The SIS would stay there until invitee takes action on it.

2. Allow the chair to flag certain member of a group which are absolutely required for a meeting. Only those members would get the SIS pre-intimation notice of a meeting being scheduled.

3. Allow the chair NOT to RESPOND on SIS pre-intimation notice even if the members are flagged. That is the SIS would be something like Broadcast.

4. If the invitee declines at run-time and the Chair misses on the notice replied back by the invitee, then the invitee name should be removed from the REQUIRED list of the meeting invite. If the user starts typing the invitees name again, a tool tip information would be displayed.

The invitee can then take certain actions on SIS as follows:

1. An immediate notice for the Chair informing about the unavailability.

2. An immediate action to Propose new time to the Chair.

3. If Chair is not available on IM, provide option to send a SMS, else provide option to invite the chair for the chat session based on the same invite.

NOTE - an user can choose to configure the display of SIS pre-intimation to ON or OFF.


1. Pre-intimate the invitee about a meeting being scheduled before the meeting invite is sent from the Chair's mail box.

2. Invitee driven actions to avoid the reschedule of the meeting being set before the meeting invite being sent from the Chair's mail box.


1. While User A (Chair) is setting up a meeting with User B (Invitee) and as soon as user enters User B, User B receives one of the followi...