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System and Method to effectively organize emails Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241527D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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Method to create an effective mechanism to organizing emails based on domain part and further distributing them as per send/receive flag. This method would ease the mail organization and improve the access/availability of data specific to domain at just a simple click.

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System and Method to effectively organize emails

Email is one of the more prominent and preferred way of business communication the data in emails can sometime be enormous causing the information to be lost or make it difficult to find. One scenario is to find out all the emails send and receive from/to a particular customer.

The current know solution is to file it in folder, however there may be some emails that are send to multiple customer and they cannot be included in all the folders create for each of customer, also it is extremely difficult to find and identify the emails that were send and received, Hence there is need of a solution that will help organize the emails in a better way which will make it easier to search and process.

The system would provide a mechanism to create a folder based on criteria, where criteria can be set to say "" or say "". Whenever a folder is created based on such these folder will structure similar to the mailbox with differentiating folder for incoming mail (Inbox) and sent mail (Sent Items). Further to this automatically condition would be created that if sender "" or receipient

"" it would show in respective Inbox and Sent Items as per condition match.

Whenever email meets condition it would be visible inside the proper folder (Inbox or Sent Items) under the designated folder for the defined condition. The mails matching multiple condition would be visibl...