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A Method and system to join a missed group chat Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241529D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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There are many challenges and limitation for joining/rejoining the group chat such as only active GC memeber can invite others, there is no auto rejoin once leave the GC, chat history is not available in central location for not joined members, there is no invite option for inactive users, etc. This article describes the ways to rejoin/join the instance message group chat (GC) using group chat profile, group chat IDs, etc.

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A Method and system to join a missed group chat

Disclosed is a mechanism to join/rejoin the missed group chat. This article teaches about a feature to join the group chat by using group chat meeting ID or Group Chat profile built by GC moderator input. Group chat moderator has option to send out group chat meeting ID and also define GC participants list regardless of user status being active or inactive. Individual member can easily join by using the meeting ID. Meeting ID option eliminate the need for individual waiting for group chat invite once they are on-line after accidentally get dropped, system crash, instant messaging crash, etc This method and system also allows the invited members to view the on-line or off-line group chat discussion.

In corporate world, group chat is utilized a lot for conducting many business operations such as crit-sit, and there is no feature available to address instance messaging group chat join/rejoin, view GC history of missed GCs, etc.

Solution Description

This article teaches to create active meeting profiles for each group chat and make it available to the users. Using this profile users can join the particular group chat without direct invite from the GC moderator. This can be done by various ways. We have listed them below,

1: In this approach moderator can send GC invite to all parties needed in the chat even if they are off-line. The new feature we introduce here is that once all users get the invite, their instant mess...