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Auto Suggest Emoticons - User Based Historic Usage Patterns. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241530D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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•Auto Suggest Emoticons using Historic Usage Patterns in (Chat Messengers) is a feature which allows user to go hassle free without selecting from the list of emoticons and provides an automatic suggestion of emoticon, based on the text we type.

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Auto Suggest Emoticons - User Based Historic Usage Patterns .

1. Motivation

In every chat messenger users will have unlimited personalized emoticons other than what default messenger provided. At times, the personalized or imported emoticons list becomes so huge that it is time consuming for the user to choose one. This type of scenario can be handled via auto suggestion feature which is based on users historical usage of emoticons resulting being more user friendly as well as save time.

2. Proposal

This proposal will suggest relevant auto emoticons based on his historic usage of emoticons.

ASE: An Auto Suggest Emoticon (ASE) is an algorithm which crawls through users

previous chat histories and saves any text and emoticon mappings in TEM.

TEM: (Text emotion mapping)

• TEM is the storage where text and emoticon mappings are stored by ASE.

• When the user starts chatting, the ASE algorithm checks if there is any match for the text being typed by user with that of the existing text emotion combination in TEM

• If the text matches with that of the text already recorded in TEM storage then the algorithm picks up the mapped emoticon for that text and auto suggests it to the user.

• The system also has text analytics so that it can analyze text mapped with emoticon to find alternative meanings too and tie it to same emoticon.

• This feature can be incorporated in all major chat messengers so that users will feel connected to the messenger that unders...