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Methods to send multiple invitations to seperate invitees from a single meeting invitation memo. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241533D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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Disclosed embodiments propose methods to facilitate user to deal effectively with repeat meetings for a single day event. This embodiment focuses on sending a multiple meetings with single/multiple invitees invited for separate slots through a single meeting request. Further, any invitee can be accommodate in multiple sessions in a single day from a single invite sent out. Moreover, this disclosure attempts to give the invitee a chance to accept / decline any meeting sent from a single invite and invitee just receives a single meeting invitation which has different time slots where invitee is invited.

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Methods to send multiple invitations to seperate invitees from a single meeting invitation memo.

For a common meeting room, in a days time frame, if the chair has to schedule meeting with different invitees at different time slots, what is the option today?

The chair would have to create and send multiple invitations to the invitees which has a common meeting room but different time slot.

Or what if the chair wants to schedule meeting with a invitee for the same day with different time slots with same room or different room as per availability, what's the option today?

Again, the chair has to send separate invite in this situation as well.

We want to provide a "One-Stop-Schedule" action for the chair when user faces such situations.

We propose to have the following solutions added to Calendar and Scheduling system.

- Allow chair to create multiple meetings of different time slots of a day from a single Meeting Memo in one go.

- Chair can choose to assign single or plurality of invitees to each time slot.

- Chair can choose to allow system to create multiple meetings across different time slots of fixed duration.

In short, we propose to provide more flexibility to the chair while scheduling a daily meeting with different / same / common invitee(s) in the same room with different time slots.


1. Provision of creating multiple meetings from a single invite.

2. Based on Claim 1, facility to automatically assign the listed invitees to separate timeslot's in a single meeting invite with pre-configured time period

3. Based on Claim 1, facility to assign particular time slot to particular invitee.

4. Based on Claim 3, facility to assign same invitee(s) to more than one different time slots.

Use Case:

A site co-ordinator is on visit to his base location to discuss customer issues / requirements with his offshore team. It's obvious that user would need a meeting room and for entire day(s) user would be in a meeting with different Managers / Leads / Architects to understand and plan things for the future. Generally a manager will book a room for him and the obvious think a Manager does is, blocks a single room for the entire day.User then sends a Note to the members about there time slots when they should meet site co-ordinator. Another option is, to set individual meetings with the same room and separate meeting invites. This is a time consuming task if the meetings are going last for 30 mins each and for entire day. This can further lead to more time consumption if the Manger has to do the same for each day at different locations where the site co-ordinator is going to visit.


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We propose a productive way to handle this situation from a single meeting invite.

1. Once the room is set, allow the user / chair to set separate time slots for the required invitees. Follow is one of the ways we can propose with a twistee pull down time selection mode.

In the below section, the Chair can mention the start time and end tim...