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Liquid detergent compositions for laundry and dish wash Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241544D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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Liquid detergent compositions for laundry and dish wash

Liquid detergent compositions for automatic washing machines and even for hand wash applications can be packaged as unit dose products in which the liquid detergent composition is contained in capsules made with polyvinyl alcohol or a polyvinyl alcohol derivative, or similar materials that are insoluble under low water conditions.

The capsule can be produced from a water-soluble film comprising polyvinyl alcohol or a polyvinyl alcohol derivative, i.e. a substantially uniform material. Such film materials can for example be produced by a process of blowing or casting.

The water-soluble film can also contain plasticizers, antifoams, anti-oxidants, surfactants, perfumes and the like.

The capsules can consist of a single compartment or be a multi-compartment capsule. A multi- compartment capsule has advantages when components of the detergent composition need to be mixed at point of use and/or have reduced stability when stored together. It can also give the capsule aesthetic appeal because the different compartments can be filled with different colored contents. Examples of this are the products sold as "Persil Duo-Caps", "Tide Pods" or "Ariel Pods".

These capsules are intended to be added directly into the wash liquor where the film will dissolve due to the high concentration of water thereby releasing the detergent composition into the wash liquor. The capsules must remain intact until they are added into the wash liquor; this means that the water content of the liquid detergent inside the capsules must be low enough to ensure that the film does not disintegrate during storage prior to use.

Liquid detergent compositions suitable for both single and multi-compartment capsules typically have a water content of less than 20 wt%, and mostly from 5 to 15 wt% water.

Suitable detergent compositions that can be used in such single compartment or multi- compartment capsules include those intended for laundry (fabric cleaning, softening and/or treatment) or machine dishwashing.

The individual compartments of the multi-compartment capsule can each comprise different parts of the detergent composition which, when combined, makeup the full detergent composition. One part of the composition in one compartment can be liquid while another part of the composition in another compartment can be a solid, (e.g. a particulate or powdered formulation) or a semi-solid.

One compartment can comprise sequestrants, enzymes, bleach catalysts, perfume, builders etc.


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A particulate part of the composition in a compartment should have some moisture e.g., 1 to 5 wt%, in the particles to avoid the film drying out and becoming brittle. The particles can be prepared by granulation and can contain a mixture of ingredients. The granules can be partially dyed to make a speckled material, or fully dyed to render the compartment full of colored material.

Useful particulate composition has a bulk densit...