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Accelerator Pedal Position Control with External Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241547D
Publication Date: 2015-May-08
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Accelerator Pedal Position Control with External Device

Many times, a calibration engineer needs to perform in-vehicle constant accelerator pedal tests. To do this, it is necessary to command the desired percent pedal at the beginning of the test and cancel the command at the end using ATI specific software and a lap top computer.

This means that the driver needs to constantly pay attention and manipulate different keys on the laptop, which usually sits on the passenger side, while the vehicle is in motion thus creating an unsafe situation.

     Solution: The device allows the user to command constant percentages of accelerator pedal positions with a joystick and a button; it will also be able to perform a progressive ramp between two values at a rate set by the user.

Due to the simplicity of the device, the user will be able to command all this with one hand without having to reach to the other side of the car.

Fig. 1.1 ACI Device Fig. 1.2 ACI Basic Diagram

      As shown in figure 1.1, the device has a joystick to select the percentage of accelerator pedal and three buttons. One to start and stop applying the desired percentage of accelerator pedal position (Start Button), the second is an emergency button to stop the test (Stop Button), the third one is the recorder button to start and stop recording any channels previously configured in ATI. It also has a display to show a menu and the percentage of pedal that is being applied.

Fig 1.2 shows how the device works: