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Method for grouping and displaying associated seperated web browser windows Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241562D
Publication Date: 2015-May-12
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This article describes a method and system in user interface to help users have better experience while they are browsering and cross referencing contents of web pages in web browser. With the help of this method, users can put multiple related contents from multiple web pages into one new page and grouped by MAIN and Sub-tab relationship. When users read on an area in MAIN section, the system will help quickly find out all related content in the sub-tab section and locate to the first match.

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Method for grouping and displaying associated seperated web browser windows

Over the past decade the Internet has rapidly become an important source of information for individuals and businesses . More and more information are accessible from Internet, and the medium is the web browser. Hence, most of people daily jobs contain opening lots of web browser windows and check the information among them. Normally those browser windows can be gathered into serveral groups due to their own internal correlations, which also need to be displayed in the same screen. However, current browser techniques has not yet provided similar functions. Users have to adjust multiple windows individually and seperatedly.

For example, a user opens four web pages, two of them are related to JVM tecnologies and other two are related to latest local news. And during this user's work, he need cross refernce the two JVM web pages. So he have to manually put the two pages in the screen and place them properly so he can visit them at the same time. And also minimize the other two web pages so he will not be interruptted by them. And when he turned into spare break time, he'd like to check on the local news for rest. This time, for switching to the local news web page, he has to click on minimized button on the two JVM pages, and restore the other two news windows and place them properly. These steps are miscellaneous with trifles.

Now there are attempts to mitigate this through grouping web pages which have similar topic together under one main tab and tracking them with sub-tabs. Such as prior art US20080005686A1, this invention introduces a method and system for grouping tabbed portions of a display object based on content relationships. It can create and group a new tabbed based on the determined level of content relationship. However there are cases that people will need cross reference those related topic pages, in which situation grouping them into one tab can not help. Because it can not display them and especially the related part together in one screen at the same time.


Method and System for Grouping Chunks Extracted from A Document

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Location of A Document Chunk Within A Document

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and Ranking

US2011011 9262A1

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2011-05- 19

This patent discloses a method and system for grouping chunks, highlighting chunk location within a document. It can help display multiple related contents in one searching scope in one document respectively. However users are still required to search their intersted part themself. Our disclousure improves on that by automatically focus the most related content in each sub section.


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