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A Method to Secure Near Field Transaction by Encryption with Background Noises Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241575D
Publication Date: 2015-May-13
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Real-time background noise is used to generate real random whereby applied in symmetric key to secure the near field communication channel. it strongly strengthens the communication safety, and could be widely used to protect sensitive information in near field.

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A Method to Secure Near Field Transaction by Encryption with Background Noises

Communication is the most important in people's social life, it's getting easier and easier in current environment along with rapid development of smart devices. But how to keep the communication message secure is always one of the most challenging topic to technicians. It's more than important under certain scenarios such as payment, private chat, private file-sharing etc.

The invention is to propose a simple, efficient and cheap method to secure the communication message among near field terminals.

Background noise is handy free resource, along with us anytime and anywhere, even under some circumstance we can't "hear" it. More importantly, it's unique, keeps changing all the time, hardly re-producible, hence becomes ideal toolkit to generate cipher code whereby user can exchange information don't want to be exposed to the others. In this invention:

1) No need to build complicate server to provide key service, definitely save expense and human being effort;

2) Information is exchanged directly between end points rather than being routed through intermediate server , less time effort makes the communication simple and efficient;

3) High security to customers due to the shorter path and the special way of encryption.

Claims of this invention:

A method to generate a real random number via background noise.

A method to secure the peer to peer information exchange directly in near field circumstance.

A method to generate a high safe symmetric key for encryption/decryption.

This is the whole process how payment terminals exchange message with each other, precondition is near field communication, all are under the same circumstance:
Step 1 - The payer asks payee's account.

Step 2 - The payee receives and responses the payer's request
Step 3 - The Handshake established between terminals.Meanwhile, all the terminals retrieve the background noise with certain latency - this make sure all get the noise info at the...