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In-Phase Coupled Slab Inductors for On-Chip Power Converter Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241593D
Publication Date: 2015-May-14
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Disclosed is a method to use in-phase coupled slab inductors to enhance inductance density of open-slab, air-core inductors.

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-Chip Power Converter Applications

Chip Power Converter Applications

High quality factor (Q) inductors are key passive components for integrated on chip power converters. In previous work, an open slab, air core inductor shows ultra high Q. Using this slab inductor, power efficiency of greater than 90% is achievable for on chip direct current to direct current (DC DC) converters. However, an open slab inductor has low inductance density around 0.6 0.8nH/mm2, which may limit its application.

Existing and related art includes a slab inductor device that provides efficient on chip supply voltage conversion and regulation, with the following proven measurement results:

• High Q:~25 @200 MHz

• low resistance: <100 mOhm @200 MHz

• Low inductance: ~1.2 nH for 2mm long inductor

Figure 1: Existing art

--Phase Coupled Slab Inductors for On

Phase Coupled Slab Inductors for On -



Figure 2: Current approaches include uncoupled, two slab inductors for multiphase (high current supply) applications. Each slab carries up to 10A of current to feed the load.

The novel solution is to use in phase coupled slab inductors to enhance inductance density of open slab, air core inductors. This structure can increase inductance density by more than a factor of three. The power efficient of the power converter can also be enhanced.


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Compared to uncoupled inductor arrays, this approach reduces the silicon area (inductor footprint) while increasing the inductance density at the whole duty cycle range and converter efficiency. This approach is useful for not only slab inductors , but also for other coupled inductors.

Compared to traditional inverse coupling, the...