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A method to transit massive data via QR code Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241614D
Publication Date: 2015-May-18
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In order to transit massive data via QR code between web server and client, a general model is provided to keep massive data on server side and generate a unique short url for the data. QR code generated from the short message would be much easier to scan on the client side.

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A method to transit massive data via QR code

QR code is now widely used to simplify the way to exchange information between different applications or access web resources, especially via mobile application. By scanning the QR code, mobile users are able to get the URL and then open it in a browser directly, instead of inputting quite a long string.

However when the information used to generate the QR code is of a large quantity, then the QR code will get too complex to be analyzed from the mobile QR code scanner. In such case, developers usually have to abbreviate the string to contain less information or try to improve the QR code scanner, in order to make it work.

In fact most of the time we can not remove any information, because they are all required. So it is impossible to abbreviate the length of information. What if the QR code is supposed to be consumed by any general QR code scanner? There seems no good solution to get out.

This disclosure is meant to propose a general method to transit massive data via QR code, without reducing any information or improving the QR code scanner.

The core idea is : Use a short URL service to generate a unique URL based on the data, and keep the mapping relationship between the URL and data information on the server side. Then use the short URL to generate QR code.

Using this method to generate QR code makes it easier to transfer data between different applications, no matter how large quantity the data is. In general there are two cases when using QR code. One is to transfer data information; the other is to pass a URL for some web resource.

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