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Keywords Identification in Voice Instant Messaging Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241634D
Publication Date: 2015-May-19
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This article discribes a method to identify keywords when chatting in voice messaging tool. The purpose is for user to get chat context quickly.

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Keywords Identification in Voice Instant Messaging Tool

In instant messaging tool which support voice message, when many people talk through voice message, there are many voice message. If user just join in the communication group or did not listen to the voice message in time. It's difficult to know what the messages are about. If you don't listen to each one, you may miss some topics.

The solution is to provide key words of voice message through text, so that with a glance, it's easy to know the topics.

How to get the keywords in a timely manner. There are several methods to help.

1. Compare the message with context (voice or text)

2. Match the message with dictionary. Dictionary can be configured with default categories and items under it (like team building, lunch, hotel, etc). User can customize the definition with more user preference category and items.



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The conversion of voice message to text can be implemented by voice recognition technique which is not our claim point .

Claim points

1. the context matching method to generate keyword in the instant messaging tool.


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2. the dictionary configuration method to identify keyword in the instant messaging tool. There are no related prior art.