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Study course delivered by injecting posts into Social Media streams Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241659D
Publication Date: 2015-May-20
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Study course delivered by injecting posts into Social Media streams

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Study course delivered by injecting posts into Social Media streams

It is sometime difficult to find time, motivation and resources to learn about a new subject. Social media can be a valuable resource for learning, but it can difficult to find useful people or topics to follow in order to learn about something. The main idea here is to provide some topics to follow which offer to help the user learn by posting relevant content to their social media timelines at times of day when they are able to focus on the information. The proposed system would learn and adapt in response to user behaviour, so that it over time it favours content that users find effective and creates social media posts at times of day when the individual user has time to learn.

    A system to help people learn about a topic by inserting posts about that topic into their social media timelines. The topic consists of a set of posts that, taken together, provide education on that topic. The posts are written by a human to be short, engaging and informative, but are delivered by a machine. Subscribing to a topic offered by this system delivers a stream of posts that educate the user about that topic. Helps people learn in a context they are already engaged with - checking social media. Helps people find small bits of extra time for study by sending them posts at different times of day and by adapting to the times of day when their behaviour shows they are available to learn. Helps with study motivation by breaking down the topic and delivering it to the user in a variety of different contexts, namely their timelines for different social media services.

Summary of potential invention:
insert "posts" into user's timeline for various social media
a post is a bite size fact, with optional diagram / picture, text summary with link to explainer web page
at first there is a random time until the next post
the explainer web page for a post has an...