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System and methods to collaboratively rank email & generic rules based on social analyzed data and other factors that decide manual or automatic actions on rules under exection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241698D
Publication Date: 2015-May-22
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Embodiment proposes a method to deal with rules / triggers which are executed based on static and dynamic data. Certain rules which are based on social collaboration of information or data, should be prioritized based on the current business need. The article proposes methods to Pause, Stop and restart execution of rules for Mailing applications which can be further extended to any type of application which executes rules in form of triggers, agents, etc. These rules would be automatically Stopped, Paused and Restarted based on the current business priority and intelligence derived from the dynamic data generated.

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System and methods to collaboratively rank email & generic rules based on social analyzed data and other factors that decide manual or automatic actions on rules under exection

Today a lot of network / processor bandwidth is invested whenever any email rule is under process of execution. This rule can be a Mail rules which is executed on the server side by the administrator which can be Manual / Automated. OR, can be a Mail rules which an end user executes Manually / Automatically. There is no easy way today to halt the execution of these rules which the user has initiated to execute on a set of documents post the documents delivery. Similarly, as there is no halt, there was never a need of restart of the execution. At times, its observed that user needs to STOP execution of a particular rule due to numerous valid business reason e.g. she/he wishes to modify the same rule under execution to add another criteria to it. Data proves that users / administrators work with numerous rules day in day out. Based on the network / processor bandwidth, user wishes to halt the execution of one or more rules to reduce the load. Moreover, this process should also be automatically handled based on the social ranking which is decided by the systems based on certain system defined criteria's.

Current mailing systems do not support any type of manual / automatic way of halting / restarting the rules execution process which might be a manual driven or a scheduled one.

there is a proposal to build a system which would enable the user to manually halt the execution of rules based on User requirements. Moreover, a social ranking would be applied for these rules to execute in a particular sequence based on the user defined criteria's or system defined analyzed criteria's.

Highlights -

1. Provision of Stopping / Halting / Restarting the execution of one or more email rules, based on user's discretion and a manual action.

2. Automatic actions can be taken on the rules based on system defined / user defined criteria's combined with a social rank which is dynamically decided for the rules under execution.

Use cases:

1. User had initiate Run Rules execution on User mail box selecting huge set of rules. User realizes that there is another program from another application which User has initiated and is a priority one. Due to both these process, the priority one is getting appeared in performance. User wishes to halt the process of certain rules under execution. Likewise, Administrator executing rules on server side would want to do the same when User has set mail rules at organization level. Also, there could be situations where user would like to modify the rule that is currently under execution and then run it.

To have a system or facility which can assist user to HALT (Pause) / RESTART / STOP one or more Mail Rules which are under execution. A user can pause the execution so that he/she can resume later when he/she is not using his/her mail client and the...