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Smart Cloud Augmented Reality Robot

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241701D
Publication Date: 2015-May-23
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A system and method for a smart cloud augmented reality robot is disclosed.

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Smart Cloud Augmented Reality Robot

Disclosed is a system and method for a smart cloud augmented reality robot.

Augmented reality technologies often suffer from a number of drawbacks. Wearable devices are viewed as weird, and some are even banned from some venues over privacy and security concerns. The disclosed method solves these social, privacy and security concerns by projecting information onto real world 3D surfaces.

Social - Augmented reality technologies are having a hard time with adoption because

of the stigma associated with the obtrusiveness of the wearable device. The device comes in between the wearer and the physical world. The wearer sees things that other people are unaware of, the other people then feel left out of the conversation. The disclosed method allows a shared experience of augmented reality by projecting data about physical infrastructure onto surfaces themselves.

Privacy - Since the data can be observed by anyone within site of the projection, privacy concerns are lessened by the actual act of projecting the data for others to see

The following components may be incorporated into an augmented reality robot:

Attach to robot base so it is independently movable.

One or more projectors.

A Global Positioning System (GPS) and/or building interior location device.


Wireless Internet connection. 3D capable Cameras (stereo).


Infrared camera.

The disclosed system and method may have the following features:

The device displays inf...