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Method of Think-twice Communication Assistant Based on Psychological and Emotional Changes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241703D
Publication Date: 2015-May-23
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A method is discussed for defining a real time context emotion based think-twice alert message management method for filtering out unneeded alter messages according users’ preference.

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Method of Think-twice Communication Assistant Based on Psychological and Emotional Changes

Social commerce is an important business because more than 6 billion mobile users are using mobile devices as major communication method to deliver and receives messages instantly. People send out wrong messages often then regretted what have been sent. There are some "think-twice" Apps to prevent such kind mistakes:

Need double checked important contact list.

Always gives user an alert before sending anything.

Delay the delivery of all message with second confirmation.

The above methods can prevent issues such as "sent a message and then regretted later", however, those enabled "think-twice" alerts are also annoying, and it is inconvenient to confirm a sending action every time. Therefore, it is necessary to define a real time computerized message judgment method for intelligently reducing unneeded alter message generation based on users emotion and communication context interactions.

In fact, proactive alerting assistant technologies are hot topics on mobile Apps. For instance there are a lot of Apps on weather alert, traffic alert, data usage alert, drunk dialing alert, and thin-twice alert etc. And, real time emotion detection is not a new topic. It has been used to analyze and predict changes on personal and social community changes. Also, semantic content analysis and context awareness on social communication network are also hot areas because of $30 billion market o...