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Visible Detection of Power Jumper Cord Routing in a Rack or Case

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241729D
Publication Date: 2015-May-26
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Disclosed is a method to visually detect power jumper cord routing in a rack or case.

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Visible Detection of Power Jumper Cord Routing in a Rack or Case

Tracing a cable path in a densely populated rack can be difficult, but it is often a critical task in setting up and maintaining a typical rack full of equipment. This idea allows for a method of identifying a single cable among possibly hundreds of cables that all look the same (see Figure 1 below).


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Figure 1

Use of electrochromic materials as part (or all) of external cable jackets that, when energized, undergo a visible transition that enables easy identification of cabling in a server rack. Once the energy source is removed, the jacket reverts to its original state (e.g., the transition is from opaque to transparent). A smart film that is commercially available [1] is used as a jacket


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over the existing cables. The film undergoes a color change on demand; i.e., only when energized, and reverts back to its initial state once the energy source is removed [2].

    Traditional electrical or optical cables consist of a conductor (copper wire or fiber) in the core surrounded by a jacket. The jacket is typically colored to indicate cable type and function/performance. The jacket (which may be PVC , PE, other suitable material) is typically extruded [3] over the core. The proposed concept would subsequently extrude the smart film over the jacket. The preferred embodiment consists of placing electrodes at either end of the cable (on the rack mount drawer power supply end and the...