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A data sharing method for split-screen multitasking apps Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241763D
Publication Date: 2015-May-29
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With more powerful hardware on mobile devices, split screen multitasking becomes possible. Data sharing between split-screen multitasking apps (foreground running apps) is necessary under many situations. Currently, the data sharing mechanisms on mobile platforms are neither powerful nor flexible. We provide a mechanism has much more advantages over exisiting mechanisms applied on mobile platforms.

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A data sharing method for split

A data sharing method for split-

Nowadays, mobile devices become faster and more powerful, screen gets bigger, resolution gets higher. The quick growth of mobile platforms inspire more and more complex apps produced. Users begin to expect running multitasking apps like what they do on desktop or laptop computers.

With coming new versions of current leading mobile OS, split-screen multitasking apps will be supported. But the existing data sharing mechanisms would be a big barrier to the growth of usage scenarios.

Our idea is to provide a temporary data share area to co-work with the sandbox security model on mobile platforms. The temporary data share area is controlled by a daemon and a set of policies for data sharing lifecycle management. With our idea, the split-screen multitasking apps (foreground running apps) could share both data files and live data stream easily.

A typical scenario is checking and editing attachment in a mail. For example, when you checking email in your mail box, usually you can only view it instead of edit it and save it back to mail directly. Additionally, you can not freely choose which application you want to use for the attachment editing. With our idea, we can meet this requirement easily with high flexibility and usability.

Further more, the data stream can be also shared with our idea as mentioned above. For example, there is a restaurant serving lunch application which contains the address information of restaurant. This address can be shared to the temporary data sharearea, and be used by another split-screen application like one map app to show the detailed location and some more information such as related evaluation, recommendations around it, and so on. With our idea, more convenient and practical designs can be introduced to split-screen multitasking applications.

A business scenario is, a healthy app can record real-time data when you are doing a sport activity but need another app's help on analyzing these data. From the analysis report, you may found there is a potential disease and need the third app's help to find a related hospital based on the report. All the cases need to data share under a free sharing space. But the data are all isolated by sandbox on Mobile, that means other apps can't get them. All current solutions won't help on such cases because the apps need pre-development work or pre-registered.

The existing solutions can not satisfy the typical scenario described above, while with the core idea of our invention, mobile device user can see a temporary data share area when running split-screen multitasking apps (foreground running apps). User can drag and drop a data from one app into the data share area, the data will be copied into the data share area (a file) or filtered by the share control daemon in real time (a live data stream).

The core idea is to allocate a data sharing area for foreground running apps, user can share data to each ot...