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Method of quick application transfer between mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241778D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-01
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As mobile devices are widely used in daily life, there’s an application for just about everything you can think of, and the applications' size is also growing bigger and bigger. So it is hard to find the application you want from so many applications in application store and also will cost more and more time and network traffic to download applications if still using the traditional download and installation method. To solve these problems, we provide a method to allow application transfer between mobile devices with one new mechanism of mobile application validation.

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Method of quick application transfer between mobile devices

Nowadays, mobile devices are used more and more widely in people's daily life. With the application installed, the mobile device can provide more and more functions. As the application(app later)'s size is growing bigger and bigger, it always cost too much time and network traffic to download the Apps especially when the network condition is limited.

On the other hand, as is known, sometimes it's hard to find one app wanted since the app store contains millions of apps now. People always get recommendation from their friends, even first watch the demo from friend's mobile device then make the decision to download it or not. But the problem is that you have to download the app from the online app store again instead of getting it from your friend's mobile device directly due to user account information contained in app.

To solve the problems above, we provide a method to allow quick app transfer between mobile devices, and also give one new mechanism of mobile application validation after transfer. As shown in the following flowchart, with our method, app can be packed in background and transferred between devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.


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Firstly, both 2 devices need to start the application transfer mode function, then:


On mobile device 1, long press the application icon and choose "share" in the popup menu;

Found the mobile devices matching the application requirements(like minimum OS version) with transfer/receive mode enabled via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;


Select one mobile device and send the transfer request, which may contain application name, version, artwork and information of device 1;


On mobile device 2, get the popup notification about the to be transferred application from mobile device 1;


Accept the transfer request(after check the OS storage space available);


Application was packed in background of device1 and transferred from device 1 to device 2 via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi;



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After transfer done, one gray-out icon displayed i...