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A method to lock/unlock screen automatically based on displacement detection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241780D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-01
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To protect confidential information on PC, users usually need to lock screen manually when they leave temporily and manually unlock by inputting password. This is inconvenient and inevetably forgotten sometimes. Our method is to associate a mobile device(s) to the PC(s) and lock/unlock the PC automatically by detecting and calcuating the distance between them.

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A method to lock

A method to lock/

It is important for computer users to lock screen during temporary leave to protect confidential and sensitive information in computer. So when computer owner leaves computer, he usually need lock computer

manuallyand unlock it manually after back.

It is inconvenient to lock and unlock manually if it happens frequently. . It is more inconvenient if the users needs to lock/unlock more than one computer at the same time. Also he probably forgets to lock computer sometimes.

In this case, a method of lock/unlock computer automatically based on mobile device movement and distance detection is introduced.

There are two phases in this method.

1. Configure the mobile device and the computer to set up association.

2. Automatically lock/unlock the computer:
When displacement sensor detects mobile device movement, the mobile device calculates the distance between itself and the computer.

If the distance increases and greater than the threshold, mobile devices sends a lock screen message. If the distance decreases and less than the threshold, mobile devices sends a unlock screen message.


Provides a new and convenient way to lock/unlock personal desktop. No manual operations needed to lock/unlock.

Avoids important information disclosure by carelessness.

Lock/unlock multi computers simultaneously.

There are two phases in this method.

3.1 Configuration workflow
1. Mobile device: detect all nearby computers
2. Mobile device: send a con...