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A method to share file based on location

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241782D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-01
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Currently when a user is trying to share a file with somebody, he has to input the name of acceptors one by one. This is inconvenient and not flexible especially when gathering in a room or outside, in which case the acceptor list may not be able to be finalized in advance. Our method is to share a file within some area automatically and no action needed by acceptors.

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A method to share file based on location

Some mobile applications support co-editing a file which is stored on server side, sharers are required to input user name to share. This is inconvenient if there are many acceptors. Sharer has to input acceptor's name one by one.

If users are gathering in a room or outdoor for meeting/party/activity, the acceptors list maybe uncertain until the meeting/gathering is held. To share on the spot is time consuming and may miss someone.

In this case, a method of sharing based location is introduced to share people within some area.

2.1 Invention summary
See Picture 1, Sharer starts to share a file with acceptor nearby. Then all possible acceptors which are found based on their location are listed on sharer's screen and checked as default. Sharer unchecks the users whom he tends not to share with. Then acceptor will receive the notification after he is authenticated.


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Picture 1

2.2 Invention by example

John and his classmates are calling up for a re-meet of junior middle school clasmates. Some of them are gathering at a cabin to discuss the back-to-school schedule. He wants to share the schedule and discuss with them.

Several users are gathering in a room or outdoor places.

Picture 2 shows the call flow of sharing a file based on acceptors' location.

1. Sharer selects a file to share.

2. Sharer starts sharing with people within specified distance.

3. Sharer's mobile device searches for possible acceptor's mobile de...