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Apparatus and Method for intrusion identification Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241783D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-01
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In some cases, we don't expect that the smart phone would be disabled after failed passcode attempts. This invention provides a way to make smart phone identify the intruder when failed passcode attempts happen and then make decision to disable or not disable itself.

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Apparatus and Method for intrusion identification

Mobile device is widely used today. Most of mobile device provide password protection if the device lost and someone else try to intrude into. But in some cases, the protection system may bring trouble. For example, a baby play parent's mobile phone. The baby do not know the password, they would try many times with the wrong password and make the device locked finally. The parents have to spend time to unlock the device system.

Known solutions

Known solutions:


Solution:The parents may disable the lock system.

Drawback:Security risk as the intruder may try many times with all kinds of password combination and break out the device finally .

The system will provide an intrusion identification service for this kind of "baby intrude into" scenario. The parents take a pic of baby and save it in the service storage and mark the kids as a secure person. The services will monitor any password validation failures, if the failure occur then the service will open the device camera and take a picture for the 'intruder'. Then the services will start a picture comparison program, if the intruder match one of the secure person in system, the service would not start device lock program. Following steps describe how the systems work.

Step 1: The intruder try to access mobile device with the wrong password.

Step 2: The monitoring sub system know there is a password violation happen and it invoke the device camera system to captur...