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System and method for preemptive reservation of resources for bulk data ingest into a database Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241793D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-01
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Disclosed is a mechanism/method which can be used to solve problems associated with data ingest performance when doing a bulk data ingest/load operation in analytic database appliances/systems, which are typcially used in data warehousing environments.

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System and method for preemptive reservation of resources for bulk data ingest into a database

In a typical database system, to improve the data insert performance during data ingest operations, the database server would pre-allocate resources. These currently existing pre-allocation solutions for data insert operations do not consider the case of bulk data ingestion, but rather just pre-allocate a bit of extra resource for the transaction.

The main embodiment of the proposed solution is to preemptively allocate resources on database server side for an incoming ingest operation by taking into consideration of factors like:
- volume of data being ingested,
- resources available at the database server and
- other properties of the ingest operation like commit frequency, format of data etc.,

Main advantage of this solution is that, the database server is able to leverage information available from the ingest operation to allocate the resource in advance and avoid re-allocation of resources during the ingest operation. Re-allocation of server resources during the course of ingest operation is costly operation and the proposed solution would reduce the amount of reallocation considerably.

The insert statements in a transaction for ingest operation would typically require certain resources like pinned buffer pool pages, log space, internal insert format buffers etc. Some of these resources can be reasonably calculated when the ingest operation is started based on - the amount of data that needs to be ingested, the number of threads which will attempt data ingestion, number of records to be ingested based on record size, data size, log space required and pinned buffer pool page requirement etc., information which normally is available. Based on these param...