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A Method to Calculate Software License Usage as a Product of Weighted Averages of Resource Usage and Software Use, on a Cloud based Software Delivery System. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241797D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-01
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Defined is a Software Licensing System for a Cloud based Application delivery System, where Users are billed not only on the Application being used but also on the amount of Hardware Resources consumed during a user session.

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A Method to Calculate Software License Usage as a Product of Weighted Averages of Resource Usage and Software Use , on a Cloud based Software Delivery System .

    In Traditional Software Licensing models users are charged for a license or check out an available license from the pool whenever they launch a software. This license is then released when the application is closed. While this works as a fair method to charge users on the time the software is used, it does not consider how and why was the application used during this time. On Cloud based software delivery systems, specially in Software as a Service (SaaS) business model Infrastructure and Platform are managed by the Cloud Provider. The users are usually charged a Subscription fee for the Service. However there is no difference in charge back for user sessions which make very limited use of Infrastructure and high demand usage which might might a considerable load on the Cloud back-end.

For example two users using an application for the same amount of time are charged the same in current Software Licensing models, however they can be performing different tasks on the application hosted on cloud, consuming different levels of Resources. One user could have the application open to read text, while the other user could be running a Database Level report.

The proposed Software Licensing system works on a Charge-back mode where a user session is monitored for Infrastructure and Platform usage and a bill value is calculated at the end of each session which is a product of IT usage and the software value. This weighted average based point system provides a transparent and data driven charge model for Customers and Software Vendors alike.

The License Server system consists of a Database to store License Usage for each user. It has Software that continuously monitors application Processes and Threads for each user logging on to the application. A unique ID for each user session is used to calculate Hardware Resource usage from the operations performed by the user. Network usage is also monitored and recorded for each user session. I/O read/write and Database read write is also recorded. The License Server also provides a Reporting and Billing module that generates usage reports and provides bil...