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System and Method for reminding an IM user about UNATTENDED chat sessions. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241800D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-01
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Embodiment focuses on reminding an IM user about UNATTENDED chat sessions. Unattended chat sessions can be the interactions which even after being observed or or focused have not been responded due to some other priority work, or user gathering some data for responding.

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System and Method for reminding an IM user about UNATTENDED chat sessions .

IM is widely used today for collaboration within any enterprise or even for personal use. Many a times it happens that when somebody shares some information with an IM user on a chat session, user is really busy. In this situation
a) Either user reads it but does not respond to it
b) User reads it and types "brb" or "shall search and get back to you" or "shall let you know in few minutes" and defers responding
c) or User might not have even read it at all
d) There were no new incoming message alerts configured.

After some time user might totally forget to respond to the unattended chat sessions due to various reason. Even worse if user shuts down the IM application, there is no way today where user can get notification for the unattended/ unresponded chat session.

One option which the user has is going through all the previous chat histories. But that is really painful. This is the most common problem faced by IM users today and demands a solution.

Consider a situation when a customer care support engineer is chatting with 10 different customers. Chances are that for at least 1 of those, this executive is trying to fetch some data to respond and then forgets to post this data due to work load. More dangerous would be if that customer is VVIP for the organization.

There is proposed a system which would take care of UNATTENDED CHAT sessions / messages.

Some key benefits are as follows:
1. Give the user one more chance to attend to any urgent requests / chats which he has forgotten to respond to. This could have a huge business impact, if a customer chat was missed.

2. This one more chance is required when the user has to concentrate on some other priority task. This system will allow the user to continue user current task and also keep user updated about user UNATTENDED chat sessions. Thus avoiding any business loss.e
3. Avoid misunderstandings on the part of the chat message sender, who might keep waiting for a reply from the user

Note: the proposal is not a solution for NOT RESPONDED chats, but proposing solution for the chats which user actually wanted to respond, but could not respond due to some reason.

1. Methods to analyze and detect UNATTENDED CHAT sessions based on:

a) User has read the chat but not responded at all

b) Using text analysis detect keywords like "brb", "shall let you know in few minutes" etc. and detect if the user never responded after these messages.

     Eg. This detection can be at run time with latest data collaborating with the available online dictionaries analyzing with its synonyms.

c) User has not read the last message in the chat session and the new incoming message alert is switched off due to some reason, IM c...