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System for customer efix oriented testing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241815D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-02
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End users receive many efixes within time. Efix is a package containing fixes for several field bugs. It is also customized per end user to keep in mind product version and list of historical fixes (already delivered). Because of very dynamic environment, fast process of delivering efixes it is not possible to fully test each of them. There are also very aggressive deadlines for such fix deliveries so it is not possible to run full automated test suite. And in the same time it is not recommended to deliver something to an end user and break his environment instead of fixing it. The problem is how to test such efixes in short time and with high reliability ratio.

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System for customer efix oriented testing

A system which as an input takes fix name and as an output provides fix customized test result .



.. Definitions Definitions

efix -

   - package containing set of fixes (fixed field bugs). Efix name complies with following naming convention (efix_FieldBugNumber_FieldBugNumber_...):



   - Component, Subcomponent, Impact fields present in each reported bug description. Such fields are also present in each testcase describing tested area . Correlation between source files and testcases -

- such correlation map can be

       CSI as a common key. Keys in testcases are provided during testcase creation. Keys in bugs are provided during bug reporting. Using CSI we are able to match those two sets.

CSI contains information about changed source files and contains test cases (using source files we are able to pull out testcases correlated to those source files).

built using CSI CSI

.. System


The goal of the system is to build efix oriented test suite. In other words only testcases related to code changes (included in efix) should be part of test suite. Thanks to that execution time will be reduced plus only relevant scenarios executed (no need to run UI tests when documentation component was only changed).




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Last but not least, introduction of extra tags assigned to each apar name in efix filename will allow for further significa...