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Method and System for Recommending Outfits to a User using a Smart Wardrobe

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241821D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-02
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A method and system is disclosed for recommending outfits to a user using a smart wardrobe.

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Method and System for Recommending Outfits to a User using a Smart Wardrobe

Sometimes there is difficulty for users to come up with the right wardrobe for upcoming events or to predict if a planned wardrobe is appropriate for weather of the day. Some people may not have basic clothing sense and sometimes people even follow TV shows

which help them in putting together the appropriate wardrobe for the occasions. When people have too many pieces of clothing, many times people keep using the same pieces of clothing because they forget about what they have. Others also believe that going over a full rack of clothing to pick out the best option is difficult. In addition, selecting personal outfits or outfits for family members each day adds time to the regular schedule of a busy person.

Disclosed is a method and system for recommending outfits to a user using a smart

wardrobe. The method and system provides a smart wardrobe that provides recommendations to the user by connecting information which includes user preferences, a user schedule (e.g. work or social) by linking to a calendar of the user, environmental factors (e.g. weather forecast), wardrobe selections of the user from

previous events, and social factors. The wardrobe selections of the user from the previous events can include information about the event, people in the previous event, outfits worn by the user for the previous events. The social factor includes information such as a theme of an upcoming event, members going to the upcoming event and background of the members going to the event.

The method and system automatically selects appropriate outfits for the upcoming events such as, but not limited to, meetings, occasions and get-away trips or vacations. The outfits that were previously worn and seen by friends who are attending the upcoming events are identified. For example, a user wore a black sweater in ABC's birthday last month and two other friends of the user were present in the event. The user may want to avoid wearing the same black sweater in ABC's upcoming housewarming party as the same group of people might be present in the housewarming party. The method and system keeps track of outfits the user wore for the previous events and also the attendees of the previous events.

The availability of the recommended outfits is also determined. Sensors can be attached to outfits to track availability of each piece. For example, the system shows that the user might need five shirts and two pairs of pants for a conference next week. The system also alerts the user that some of the shirts were worn and need to be sent to a laundry service. Thus, automatic reminders are created for the user to pick up the laundry or do laundry regarding particular pieces of the wardrobe, if needed.

The method and system integrates the wardrobe selection into the calendar events to provide recommendations to the user regarding outfits to wear or pack for a trip. A

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