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System and Method to Directly Fast Forward to Desired Video Content in Streaming and Recorded Media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241829D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-02
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Disclosed is a method to directly fast forward to desired video content in streaming and recorded media.

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System and Method to Directly Fast Forward to Desired Video Content in Streaming and Recorded Media

Video recording and playing systems, such as Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) or online streaming, provide functionality for users to fast forward through the video. If the user accidentally fast-forwards too far, then the user might miss content or need to rewind to the desired content. Some systems offer an automatic jump-back of a few seconds; however, this still requires the user closely pay attention and does not completely solve the problem.

A smart method is needed to enable the user to directly skip to the desired


The novel solution is a method to skip through recorded media until the desired content restarts, regardless of the period between the segments of desired video content. This solution is applicable all kinds of streaming including DVR streams, online streaming,

webcasts, etc. This technology can be used with all types of viewers, including viewers embedded in websites, viewers provided by operating systems and within browsers, custom product viewers, DVR providers, and media players/systems.

To implement the system in a preferred embodiment:

1. The system learns through the following steps

A. User starts viewing a piece of media

B. User hits the skip or fast-forward button C. System recognizes this new transition (e.g., scene ending transitions, logos, images, music changes, etc.)

D. User stops and starts watching again

E. System recognizes the aspects of the audio or video content (e.g., images, theme song, presence of particular character, re-cap of previous scenes ~ content duplication, audio clues ~ "Last time on ..." etc.)

2. Intermediate steps for a given transition during which the system confirms that it learned the right things

A. System recognizes transition (e.g.,...