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Vehicle Engine Compartment Cooling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241840D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-03
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Draft Date: 2015-05-20

Vehicle Engine Compartment Cooling

Herein arrangements for cooling engine compartments of vehicles are disclosed.

5 Commonly, an internal combustion engine of a vehicle, such as a truck, other heavy load vehicle, or passenger car, is water cooled. Thus, a cooling system of the internal combustion engine comprises a cooling water circuit, through which cooling water circulates. A radiator of the cooling system is arranged at a front portion of the vehicle and at a front portion of an engine compartment of the vehicle. In the radiator the cooling water is cooled by ambient air.

10 The air flows through the radiator and in turn, is heated by the cooling water. Such heated air is led into the engine compartment.

The engine compartment of a vehicle is closed in several directions. Therefore, the engine compartment is heated by various heat sources such as e.g., exhaust manifolds, turbo

15 charger, air flowing through the radiator. Thus, the temperature inside the engine compartment may reach high temperatures. In particular, during hot weather conditions, and/or if the internal combustion engine is subjected to high load.

The temperature inside the engine compartment of a vehicle may reach temperatures within

20 a range of 80 - 110 °C or more during operation of the vehicle. Whereas temperatures at the lower end of the temperature range are normal and components arranged inside the engine compartment are designed to operate under such temperature conditions, at the higher end of the temperature range problems may occur. In particular, components comprising e.g. plastic materials, rubber, etc. age at a higher rate the higher the temperature they are

25 subjected to.

The patent document DE 3015941 A1 discloses a water cooling arrangement for a vehicle engine. The water cooling arrangement comprises a radiator bypass such that a radiator fan may be used to cool the engine compartment without air being drawn through the radiator. A

30 thermostat in the engine compartment causes the fan to rotate about a vertical pivot when a specified temperature is reached. Simultaneously, a thermostatic flap opens, permitting the fan, in its new position, to draw air through the radiator bypass directly into the engine compartment.

35 Figs. 1a and 1b illustrate an embodiment of an engine compartment cooling arrangement 1.

Various components of a vehicle, such as a truck, are illustrated in Figs. 1a and 1b. The


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Your Ref: 446-14

Draft Date: 2015-05-20


vehicle comprises a combustion engine 2 arranged in an engine compartment 3. A radiator 4 and a charge air cooler 6 are arranged at front end 8 of the vehicle. A fan 10 is arranged to draw ambient air through the radiator 4 and the charge air cooler 6. The air drawn through the radiator 4 and the charge air cooler 6 is directed in to the engine compartment 3.


The vehicle comprises a radiator bypass duct 12. The radiator bypass the duct 12 has a lead...