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Laser Guided System and Method for PedPro Dynamic Vehicle-Object Targeting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241857D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-04
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Laser Guided System and Method for PedPro Dynamic Vehicle-Object Targeting

Deliver a device and methodology that minimizes the development time of PedPro testing with optimal costs is needed to support Programs in meeting the required short development cycle with Pedestrian Protection (PedPro) systems.

The concept of this design consists of laser beam to focus a small dot on the reference target that has dimensions matching the desired strike zone on the vehicle bumper to strike the test object in the intended zone on the bumper. A targeting fixture will hold the reference target and will be sufficiently far from the impact location (vehicle-test object contact), also wireless camera pointed at reference target sends a wireless image of the reference target and laser dot to vehicle cockpit via a smart device that can be displayed on the IP or projected onto the windshield. The driving path will be marked with references lines to assist the driver with alignment and measuring fixture that positions the object relative to the reference target center line. This fixture could be as simple as a manual ruler or remote electronic controlled unit; a means to measure the relative position between the laser beam and the test object. Also, the test objects are the regulatory and industry standard items used or required to develop PedPro compliant vehicles and adaptive PedPro systems.

The development methodology of this system requires initialization setup then operational mode and data collection.

For the initial setup, the designated driver will conduct pre-operation runs as shown in figure 1. Needs to drive toward the object with laser guide in place and bumper mounted meshed target, vehicle speed

Figure 1:...