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Mobile demand estimation via dynamically turning on and off small cell base stations and using transmission power control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000241860D
Publication Date: 2015-Jun-04

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Mobile demand estimation via dynamically turning on and off small cell base stations and using transmission power control



1. Ulas C. Kozat

2. Guanfeng Liang


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Two-tier cellular architectures with macro-cells providing coverage and connectivity while small cells providing high capacity close to the mobile stations are becoming the dominant architecture choice for meeting the demand increase.  In one embodiment, the techniques described herein apply to the cases where there are 10s, 100s or even more number of small cells deployed within the coverage area of a macro-cell site.  Such deployments are referred to herein as dense small cell scenarios. Since traffic demand changes over time and space (depending on which mobile subscribers have active data traffic where and when), the aggregate capacity provided by...